Senator Hill Urges You to Vote NO on Upcoming Propositions

Senator Brent Hill shared his views on the two propositions we will all be voting on soon. Two things to remember: Prop 1 — Horse Racing has always and still is legal. What isn’t legal (and is clearly opposed to our Idaho constitution) is the use of slot machines. THAT IS WHAT PROP 1 IS…

Madison County Republican Women’s Club Resurrected

The Madison County Republican Women’s Club is back. The club disappeared due to disinterest several years ago, but club Vice Chair Kaye Romney said the need to bring it back was very apparent. “This organization had fizzled out because people were overloaded and wanted to everything online, but there is a real sense of community…

Preparing for the Holidays

Saying “THANK YOU” this Christmas to the men and women serving our country is a powerful way one can serve those that sacrifice so much for our freedoms and our country.

Constitution Week Essay Contest

What are my responsibilities as an American citizen? Madison High School juniors Carley Garner, Dallin Gordon and Peter Williams can tell you. That’s what they told everyone else with their Constitution Week essays.