Our History

The Madison County Republican Women’s Club was reorganized July 18, 2018. The initial 10 members voted unanimously for proposed officers, adopted updated bylaws, and provided input on the kinds of events the club should have the rest of the year.

Members created a Facebook page for the club, obtained an email address and decided to ask the Madison County Central Committee (MCRCC) for funds to get the club started. New club president, Elaine King, subsequently made a presentation to the Central Committee concerning needs and expenses, and the committee generously voted to give a one-time donation of $2,000 (10% of MCRCC funds) for the club.

Since then, associate members of the club have increased and include Janice McGeachin and Senator Brent Hill and his wife, Julie.

The club joined the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce to advertise events and participate in the chamber’s Experience Rexburg event in September of 2018.

To join the club, contact Heidi Wasden at heidi.wasden@gmail.com. Regular membership is $20 annually.

For more information, visit the Madison County Republican Women’s Club on Facebook.