About Us

On July 18, 2018, the Madison County Republican Women’s Club was restored after the club dissolved several years ago due to disinterest.

Elaine King was installed as president, with Romney as vice chair. Heidi Wasden was made second chair. Maria Nate was voted secretary-treasurer.

From a news release by Adam Jacobs about the reorganization:

Vice Chair Kaye Romney said the need to bring [the club] back was very apparent.

“This organization had fizzled out because people were overloaded and wanted to everything online, but there is a real sense of community and benefit to when we gather,” Romney said. “This empowers women voters to know more about voting and the issues facing Idaho right now.”

Romney said the group’s founding members are knowledgeable on Republican Party values and on the political know-how to promote those ideals in local elections.

“The first objective of our organization is to promote Republican ideas,” she said. “The second is to promote the principles of freedom, equality and justice. The third is to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government. Fourth is to promote an informed electorate through political education, and the fifth is the promotion of Republican candidates in elections.”

Romney said King was the main force behind the movement, and that her experience with the Madison County Republicans organization would be beneficial to the Women’s Club’s mission of informing local female voters.

“We want to enlighten them on what’s going on at our state capital,” she said.

To join the club, contact Heidi Wasden at heidi.wasden@gmail.com. Membership is $25 annually.

For more information, visit the Madison County Republican Women’s Club on Facebook.