Rep. Barbara Ehardt on Religious Liberties

At our last educational forum, Representative Barbara Dee Ehardt sadly conveyed the fact that our religious liberties are eroding. She stressed the need for each of us to study issues, and not be confused by the deceptive wording in state and federal anti-discrimination laws. When we establish laws that protect groups based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, mental illness, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression, religious, creed, or individual political opinions, we may actually cause more discrimination in other ways. Ehardt urged us to consider rational approaches to serving all, and avoid just benefiting small groups. She mentioned the overreaching government efforts to send Health & Welfare representatives to teach sex education to our high school students. Unfortunately, their definition of abstinence is “consistently safe sex.” We all have a responsibility to protect family and parental rights.

October 26, 2018, by Kaye Romney