WELCOME to the website of the Madison County Republican Women’s Club!
We hope you find it a helpful source of political information.

Our purpose is to promote Republican principles and ideas of the Idaho Republican Party platform. We also aim to promote principles of freedom, equality and justice and to increase effectiveness of women in government.

That said, the club is open to women and men. In fact, any Republican can join. Women can join and become voting members, and men can become associate members.

Our meetings are open to the public. Our goal is to help more people become informed voters.  We want to keep our members and the general public up-to-date on legislative issues that affect Idaho voters. Using resources such as this Website, as well as attending our monthly meetings and other events, one can stay informed about the issues most pressing in our community.

Thank you for visiting! Please contact us at id.mcrw@gmail.com so we can include you on our email list for updates on events and political news.